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a foodie's labour day adventure in nyc

[ Tuesday, September 9, 2008 | Leave a Comment ]
as many of you know, we were in nyc this past labour day weekend (friday august 29 to wed sept 3rd) and also happened to get engaged - in central park with yummy foods from bouchon bakery (a la thomas keller) at columbus circle, just one floor down from per se. sadly, there was no per se on our itinerary, but alas, we share with you the rest of our adventures - through photos :)

but trust me - this post is most definitely NOT disappointing . enjoy the food porn!

to the left, giant chocolate milkshake for two (or four!) from Tom's Restaurant near Columbia University.

- fat little italian sausage from Tom's Restaurant that made Andrea frown :\
- "surprise" dish from Baluchi's Indian Food, something like fried potato balls with the usual toppings
- sweaty hot dog man at the blue jays vs. yankees game (and 12th last game at yankee stadium!) - be sure to notice the dripping sweat from his nose garnishing the hot dogs with wonderful salty flavours

- beautiful baked goods + cupcakes at Dean & Deluca, courtesy mainly of Two Little Red Hens
- cupcakes before (clockwise from top left) marble cupcake, brooklyn blackout cupcake, vanilla raspberry cupcake - damn good cupcakes, but at $5.50 each, it's no wonder
- cupcakes after being demolished by a few hungry torontonians looking for cupcakes worthy of being called cupcakes

a trip to nyc isn't complete without a visit to Nobu. pictured to the left is the $17 usd "Yellowtail Jalapeno" dish which is always top quality sourced and melt-in-your-mouth.

we went to "nobu next door" since it was a last minute thought - but the Uni here was the best i've ever had, even compared to the Nobu Las Vegas and Prince Hotel's Katsura in Toronto

- on the way back from Nobu, we found ourselves at the door of David Bouley's Bouley Restaurant and across the street with a green awning, Bouley Bakery. i went for a visit the next morning, especially after an honorable mention in Celebrity Chef Restaurants on Any Budget
- croissants galore and i had a Pain Pear au Chocolat with a latte watching the lower east-side joggers and dog-walkers go by
- picked up 2 packs of cookies (sugar cookies + another oatmeal type) for home but deeply regret not picking up a few more packs (my coworkers, family & mm also regret this ..)

- after a dinner in little italy, caught up with tianne and mike and we went to gorge ourselves at Max Brenner's - if you love chocolate, then this place will open your eyes, warm your heart, and awaken the child within you
- fondue for 2 that 3 of us couldn't finish (clockwise from top left): chocolate fondue warmed by candle; small table top fire for roasting marshmallows (hidden); bowl of strawberries, bananas, and marshmellows; creme fraische with tart strawberry sauce; chocolate vial to pour on all the goodies; peanut butter bar topped with chocolate; chocolate mouse topped with white chocolate clumps and pop-rocks; vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce drizzle; banana caramel waffle.
- part of the menu writes, "Our chocolate should be savored with all senses. Listed to the most romantic music, then watch it like a child's fantasty that turns into reality, smell it like the rarest of perfumes, dip your fingers into it and lick it slowly - and passionately. Make love to it. Enjoy to the Max."

the tastiest hot chocolate i've ever had - the "Choc-o-Pops" hot chocolate, served with small wafer/crisp chocolate pieces that warms you right up and gives you that feeling of pure chocolate ecstasy, served in a "hug mug" that you hug in your hands, that makes the experience just that much more comfy, go to Max Brenner's!

- my surprise picnic consisted of wonderful goods from Bouchon Bakery
- an array of baked goodness: Sticky Buns to Danishes, Loaves and other breads
- sandwiches, paninis, croissant sandwiches, mousses, foie gras in a cup - and, (not pictured here) foie gras biscuits for DOGS in the shape of dog bones - yes that's right. pretentious, much? well, we thought so, too - until a lady with two bald dogs purchased two right in front of us :)

- ah, lovely bouchon bakery + food on the grass for a picnic in central park!
- wagyu beef sandwich, warmed in a press - absolutely delicious, tender beef, perhaps just slightly overcooked from the re-heat
- a large "arnold palmer" drink, a lemonade-lime-orange refresher!

- a vanilla blueberry mousse - check out all the specks of vanilla bean, yum :)
- pecan sticky buns from bouchon bakery are famous and now we know why . ..
- (after our engagement) - a wonderful celebratory mixed berry tart to complete the perfect picnic and to reiterate that "in a new york minute, everything can change."

another post to come on Jean Georges :)


  • Natalie said:  

    Ah, delicious! The food photos are, as promised, quite seductive. . .I'm glad to hear that the dining experiences ran the gamut from fine dining for sophisticates to sweet treats for romantics :)

  • hot garlic said:  

    Thanks for the link to the info on your extract -how is it coming along? You used a few more beans than I did, I thought mine seemed like too few!

    Congrats on getting engaged, that sounds incredible to have it happen in vacay in NYC -Central Park no less!

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