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the great toronto crepe search

[ Wednesday, August 20, 2008 | Leave a Comment ]
crepes a gogo, 18 yorkville avenue, toronto
just north of bloor and yonge

i finally *finally* got the chance to try crepes a gogo this past sunday, after 2 years of dwindling and trying to sink my teeth into this place. they claim to have crepes better than those you'll find in paris.

fantastic cozy little place, great patio. warm little cafe/bistro tables. espresso machine. crepes are fresh and made to order on crepe pans. all the staff speak french and speak to each other in french - which makes you feel like their crepes are even more authentic. they have savoury crepes, sandwiches, snacks, coffee. i got a chocolate crepe avec bananes - 4 dark chocolate sticks melted and folded with bananas. not too bad - but married with the cute paris cafe feel, it's just right.

cafe crepe, 246 queen st west, toronto
at queen and john, just across from citytv

now maybe i've crossed the line when it comes to crepes (is it more authentic to have chocolate sticks or heaps of yummy nutella), but there's something about cafe crepes spread of delicious nutella, array of hazelnuts or almonds, strawberries and vanilla - that is like music to my palette. serve it up with an illy espresso or latte, and it's perfection.

the feel's a little more modern/upscale, not as cozy as crepe a gogo, but is definitely a favourite. too bad they close so darn early! their crepes are a bit thicker than crepes a gogo, but crepes a gogo folds their crepes a lot more. i think the perfect crepe should be a balance between filling, flavour, thickness - all in a consistent bite-by-bite ratio.

in any case - cafe crepe is probably my favourite on my list so far of toronto crepe restos/cafes.

crepe it up, downstairs at st. lawrence market (95 front street) or 507 church street, toronto

is a great crepe restaurant story in toronto - owner's name is chris lee. him and his team make it out to a lot of events, and can be found weekly on thursdays at king street metro square farmer's market - where i like to pick up buttertarts :)

good savoury crepes, not usually overstuffed, can be a bit juicy/watery, but great for a light snack.

marche/movenpick, 42 yonge street, toronto (yonge and front)

always go to the movenpick downtown at yonge and front - everything tastes better and is done better. this goes to show that the franchise is not always consistent.

marche/movenpick was my first when it comes to dessert crepes - but is usually inconsistent, depending on the crepemaker. sometimes the crepes can be too thin, too burnt, too undercooked - but they fill with fruit/icecream and top with choc/vanilla sauce - the marche crepe is still part of my standard when it comes to enjoying crepes.


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