"molecular gastronomy ingredients"

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hey folks! it's been a while since we've last posted. we have an excuse - 
renovating our new future space and planning for a wedding! haha. i was pretty excited today as i saw this in the foyer - a nice box from UPS..

after the disgust from the import fees (why do we have that at all between the US and Canada, no explanation makes sense), i was super excited.

i know in some gastronomy circles, the term "molecular gastronomy" has some poor connotations attached.. why, i'm not sure of that either =)

anyhoo, without further ado.. here are some more pix:


cluttered "pantry" anyone?

wonderful packets!

i can't wait to try to make the vanilla fruit pate and my version of piave noodles!


  • kizzle said:  

    aelrkhga;soihjb;awoehrtg;lkasndvae!!!!!!! = wowzers that's a whole lot of stuff...whoa...

  • Amy B. said:  

    Lucky duck! That's a lot! How unfortunate though that you have stopped blogging.. or did you move to another site? Hope you'll go back to blogging soon!

    Amy @ Foodista

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