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[gl] - i can't help it, i'm hooked. here's the info from the lcbo:

VINTAGES 963207 | 750 mL bottle | Price: $ 19.95


Over the past few years, current owner Helmut Darting has introduced a drier style to all levels of his wines. For example, his Spätlese tastes more like a Kabinett, while his Auslese comes across like a Spätlese. This Spätlese is filled with aromas and flavours of peach, pear, citrus and apricot. It is medium dry with a beautiful seam of acidity bringing the wine into excellent balance. Try it tonight with grilled salmon and lemon/dill sauce or with spicy Asian cuisine. It will also reward 2-5 years in a cellar.

mm, i don't think our stores are going to last me though the summer or even 2 months :\

I am definitely a big fan of this wine. The only issue I have is that it is limited in production and is quickly running out at the LCBO (I even contacted the agency that represents Kurt Darting wines in Ontario, and they don't have access to more).

This is a great sipper, enjoyed chilled to about 10 degrees C. While the LCBO talks about it being closer to a Kabinett, it's has a nice sweetness to it, balanced amazingly with the acidity. Very smooth and a crowd favorite at any dinner party we've been to. Buy a case before it's all gone - that's what we did.


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