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the first!

[ Thursday, October 18, 2007 | Leave a Comment ]
wine, food, yum: wine, fine food, and cheese exploration for newbies, amongst other fine arts.

About six months ago, we embarked on a short road trip to the Niagara Wine Region, and that is where this story begins. The blog, the vault of stories, sights, and multisensory experiences that will tingle your taste buds and catch your breath!

Many stories to catch you up on, including: the building of the cellar wine rack, the discovery of the hidden Bordeaux, the hot/dry inferno on Highway 1 to Napa Valley, and much more!

This post finds itself on the eve of our first Wine and Cheese Party - the culmination of only 4 months of experience. Stay tuned for more from these two foodies turned wine-ies, and the wonderful discovery of the age-old marriage of the juice made from stomped grapes.


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